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mercredi 22 avril 2015


One Wolf is a high street fashion brand founded in 2010 by Latvian fashion designer Agnese Narņicka.
Its unisex, ready-to-wear collections blend comfortable and dynamic urban functionality with creativity, independence, an extraordinary sense of style, and intelligence.

One Wolf features brave lines, distinctive silhouettes, contemporary raw denim, classic black and white, and the ascetic tones of urban landscapes.
Unique cutting and styling techniques and a vast range of contemporary fabrics allow One Wolf garments to be easily combined into a multitude of outfits for every occasion, which live on through several fashion seasons.

For the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, One Wolf reveals a story of a human life in a contemporary city where a universal approach to street fashion is the key. 
Uniform 15 is One Wolf's first attempt to create a kind of survival kit of an urban outfit for a city dweller - inspired by grass roots principles and timelessness of traditional uniforms and work-clothing.