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mardi 4 novembre 2014


A Danish designer Maikel Tawadros strikes a balance between rigid architectural shapes and genteel natural fabrics, fostering unrestricted movement. Each collection is a novel arrangement of expressive shapes, empowering genteel femininity.

Maikel Tawadros est un designer Danois qui vacille entre une architecture aux formes rigides dans de belles matières naturelles et l'encouragement des mouvements aux formes libres.

lundi 3 novembre 2014


A Danish designer Vibe Johansson designs geometric garments interacting seamlessly with our anatomy. Defiant yet controlled, each piece underlines a desire for effeminate expressions and lasting elegant composure.


Basée en Danemark, Vibe Johansson dessine des vêtements géométriques et fluides qui interagissent gracieusement avec l'anatomie du corps.
Chaque pièce souligne le désir d'expressions féminine en y prolongeant son élégance.

samedi 1 novembre 2014


Errance Paris is a Paris based French label born in a journey from two eras, Middle Ages and contemporary.
The collection has a classical note proposing attires immersed in history and modernity.


Les  Parisiens ayant crée la marque Errance Paris sont parti d'une alliage entre deux ères, Moyen-âge et monde actuel.
Leur collection propose alors une immersion contrastant la modernité avec l'histoire.

vendredi 31 octobre 2014


House of Montague is manifested in the Danish design traditions with clean lines combined with modern wear-ability and functionality aiming to offer a unique approach to classic silhouettes, re-thinking style and classic shoe making with an unmarked approach. Portuguese artisans and Italian tanning traditions compliment their distinctive design with the highest level of excellence from European craftsmanship.


House of Montague propose une marque de chaussures Danoise aux lignes pures combinant le confort moderne et une silhouette relativement classique.
Artisans Portugais et tanneurs Italiens complètent le travail en associant la quintessence de l'artisanat Européen.

jeudi 30 octobre 2014


SHOTO shoes are the expression of the passion and enthusiasm of three generations of Italian craftsmanship.
Veal, buffalo, elk and horse skins are tanned with environmentally friendly method.
Various dyeing, brushing, grinding and polishing techniques are their trademark to determine the unique and extraordinary look.
All SHOTO footwears are handmade in Italy.


Les chaussures SHOTO reflètent l'expression de la passion par l'enthousiasme de trois génération d'artisans Italiens.
Tannant les peaux de veaux, buffles, élans et chevaux dans des méthodes respectueuses de l'environnement avec différentes manières de teindre, brosser ou polir les peaux, leur marque de fabrique se détermine par le biais d'un look exceptionnel.
Toutes les chaussures de chez SHOTO sont fabriquées à la main en Italie.

mercredi 29 octobre 2014



SOME[THING] is an unformated design project that aims to create a proposition breaking away from the usual constraints of brand’s collections to explore new modern alternatives.

This season, for the first time, Philippe Natali, owner of N10_ & Franck Pouch (Former Creative Director at THE INDIVIDUALIST(S)), team up to propose a contemporary male wardrobe, mixing traditional menswear elegance to casual and streetwear references, with a twist of insolence.

AW14-15 « MAN IN THE STORM », inspired by the passionate and restless poetry of the ocean and its old sailors, explores the litteral and figurative effects of the storm on men.

« And once the storm is over you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm's all about.” 

Tailored and precise cuts, precious fabrics and dark color range face oversized volumes, layers, raw materials, waxed effects, grunge finishings and electric hues, to create new harmony and contemporary outfits, out of modern male contradictions.

samedi 19 juillet 2014


In association with Void ShowroomO-Paris is thrilled to announce you that we're about to start our first multi-label showroom

 from September 2014 during women's fashion week.

Located in the center of Marais district - the real golden triangle zone of all international buyers traffic, we aim to attract leading worldwide professionals to impose an important new big showroom during all fashion weeks of the year in Paris.

We propose a very simple plan to participate : we'll prepare an optimized space with rails, hangers, etc... and you'll be responsible to contact your potential buyers and make a sales there.

No commission fee will be required.

Here after you'll find the descriptions about the space and all services we propose.
To view our online catalogue, please click on the thumbnail below.

For any questions about the price and application, please feel free to contact us.

VOID Showroom x O-Paris Showroom is an union formed by O-Paris and VOID Showroom.
It's an edgy multi brand showroom located in the center of Marais area.
For more informations, please see our online catalogue.

Paris based multi brand shop Boutique O-Paris and one of the leading multi label showroom VOID have decided to work together and bring each know-how and networks in order to attract leading worldwide professionals to impose an important new big showroom during all fashion weeks of the year in Paris.

The space is located at 8 rue Debelleyme 75003 Paris - the real "golden triangle" area of all international buyers traffic.

From September 24th (first day is only for the installation) to 29th : so you'll have 1 day of preparation and 5 full days for your sales campaign

The price includes the space rental fee during 6 days as well as basical equipments such as rails, hangers, tables and other commodities like wi-fi connexion.
While we're working on the organisation and global communication about the showroom, you're responsible to contact your potential buyers and make your sales at the showroom.
For our basic price plan, please feel free to contact us.