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mardi 24 septembre 2013


Strateas Carlucci is a Australia based creative collaboration between Peter Strateas ans Mario-Luca Carlucci.
They have created a unique design process, inadvertently breaking away from any traditional designs methodologies, using rare and native Australian skins and fabrics, like merino wool and kangaroo hide.

Through the art and design, and even all other mediums and experimentations they create a series of individual pieces, limited and numbered like auctioned artworks.
Every garment has a handcrafted element, whether it be hand-treated fabrications, or handmade pieces, each member of the collection is individually stamped with its own unique number of where it belongs in the limited production run.

The overall focus, a unique limited garment, interesting fabrications, master craftsmanship and sublime structures and fits.
Every detail is thoroughly thought out with affirmation, from the smallest stitch, to the intricate detailing of the linings.

Their collections are defined by their style and cut, not by tags and branding.